For many, the end of a relationship is an emotional crisis. Worrying about the effects on children, and about the possible financial consequences, causes deep feelings of helplessness. With the road ahead like Spaghetti Junction, practical decisions are hard to make. In situations like these, it’s not surprising some spiral out of control and end up taking pathways littered with hostility and expense.

We think they deserve better. Our experience as specialist conflict and dispute resolvers makes us a safer place to navigate from . Our skilled mediators have backgrounds in law, education, financial planning, social work and therapy. If you have a problem, are in dispute, or want to avoid a dispute, we can help you.

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Anderson Mediation is a specialist mediation practice. Mediation is what we do. We don’t do anything else. Our mediators have extensively trained in family mediation, civil & commercial mediation, workplace mediation and community mediation. Find out more here.

Who we are

All our expert professional mediators are deeply skilled and have extensive problem solving and conflict resolution experience. They have backgrounds in the legal, financial, teaching, counselling and coaching professions. Find out more here.


What we do

We are mediation and conflict resolution specialists. Our mediators have extensively trained in all major UK mediation disciplines to help solve family, civil, workplace and community problems or disputes. We offer hybrid and online models too. Find out more here.

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If you have a problem to solve or you are in dispute with someone, whatever stage you have reached  – you may even be in court already – call 01473 487427, Weekdays 9-5, Saturday 10-1, for a free confidential chat. We will  tell you how we can help. Or you can message us here.


The average cost of mediated outcomes compared to non-mediated outcomes.


Average time it takes to conclude a mediated case compared to a non-mediated case.


Percentage of Anderson Mediation cases that reach a successful outcome

… the mediation session last year was something of a watershed moment for me. It opened my eyes and my mind to what was in front of me. It also gave me the impetus to positively change several areas of my life and my mindset, in order to address issues that had hindered me up to that point.

Darren, UAE, April 2015.

The process was conducted professionally and with sensitivity. It enabled resolution to be arrived at quickly and with the minimum of emotional difficulty. I would highly recommend Stephen and his team to anyone seeking mediation as a means to resolve potential conflict and disputes.

Anonymous, Norfolk, September 2015.

“When people separate we want them to do it in the least damaging way for everyone involved, especially children. That is why we want them to use the excellent mediation services available to agree a way forward, rather than have one forced upon them.”

Simon Hughes, Family Justice Minister 2014

“Discourage litigation. Persuade your neighbors to compromise whenever you can. Point out to them how the nominal winner is often a real loser — in fees, expenses, and waste of time. As a peacemaker the lawyer has a superior opportunity of being a good man. There will still be business enough.”

Abraham Lincoln, US President b1809 d1865

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